Exclusive vegetable seed tapes

  • Using proven market leading seed varieties
  • Custom tapes using your supplied seed varieties
  • Ideal for all direct sown vegetable seeds

Independent vegetable consultancy

  • Seed technology
  • Plant agronomy
  • Yield management

Wally Dalgliesh

Phone:06 368 5155
Mobile:021 30 90 40
Mail:PO Box 153, Levin 5540, New Zealand.

Seed Tapes

Vegetables Incorporated is a business that specialises in the manufacture of biodegradable soluble tapes which have vegetable seeds embedded in them singulated to their optimum sowing spacing.

To manufacture, the vegetable seeds are first enclosed within the soluble cellulose tape which then has a biodegradable thread woven around it holding the seeds in place.

New & Unique

Vegetables Incorporated seed tape concept is new and unique in that it allows personalised control of your vegetable seed quantity purchase of market leading varieties to your own garden situation to ensure continuous vegetable production.

This is the first time in New Zealand that so many exclusive new seed features and benefits have been made available to the passionate home garden grower to improve vegetable growing results.

For all this seed information, please see the technical section.

How to use the seed tapes

  • Cultivate a good fine tilth seedbed and incorporate your pre plant fertiliser in exactly the same way as you would normally do.
  • In preparation for the seed tape, mark out your row and then form a 1.0cm deep trench exactly the same way as you would do when sowing bare seed.
  • At one end hold the tape with a stick and pull from the other end so it is laid into the base of the formed seed furrow, cover over with soil and lightly firm so the seed tape makes good contact with the soil.
  • Water well, especially if the soil is dry. Once wet the tapes are quickly and fully biodegradable.
  • The sowing is now complete as the seed tapes already have the seeds in them at their optimum variety spacing, making planting quicker and easier.
  • The seed tapes also eliminate the possibility of over sowing, therefore after emergence no thinning out is required.

Seed Varieties & Quality

“Optimum results always start from using the very best quality seed”

Only the best varieties

Only the best market leading commercial varieties grown by the top professional vegetable growers are used; previously these have not been available to the home garden market.

  • Ensures superior results compared to the older traditional varieties.

Only the best quality seed

Only hybrid precision quality seed is used (refer table below) guaranteeing the very highest germinating seed. All seed is certified free of disease.

  • For maximum germination vigour and strong seedling establishment.

Latest breeding improvements

The top market leading varieties always contain the latest plant breeding improvements such as leaf and root disease resistances, plant adaptability and versatility, plant holding ability, improved taste, superior yields and often increased health benefits.

  • Obtain increased harvest while spending less time and cost maintaining the crop.
  • No GMO breeding has been used in any of the Vegetables Incorporated varieties.

Quality control

Seed quality control is maintained by our business. We monitor sales through our outlets as to stocking levels and manufacture fresh seed tapes to demand. It is recommended each purchase should only be sufficient meters of tape to sow within the next 3 months.

  • By repurchasing regularly you will always be sure of getting the very best seed quality.
  • Note some species varieties are seasonal and so will change during the year.

No wastage

Top commercial precision quality seeds have a much higher value per seed, however you calculate and only purchase as many meters of tape / seed numbers required and sow accordingly.

  • Since the seeds are singulated and optimally pre-spaced, no seed is wasted.
  • This concept allows obtaining premium seed varieties affordable.

Vegetable Varieties

Species Variety
Within row
spacing (cm)
Seeds per
tape metre
Carrots - BabyNerja3.03387%
Carrots - NantesNairobi4.02585%
Bunching OnionPerformer3.03393%


The Vegetables Incorporated principal Wally Dalgliesh also offers a selective comprehensive advisory / consultancy service covering aspects of commercial vegetable growing.

Vegetables Incorporated is affiliated with and can draw on the expertise from an extensive network of specialised professional vegetable associates operating in both the domestic and international markets.

Credentials: Wally Dalgliesh

  • Qualified Master of Agricultural Science [First Class Honours] in Agronomy 1981.
  • Qualified as an inaugural Growsafe Agrichemical Trainer 1992.
  • Qualified as a NZSHS Registered Horticultural Consultant 1994.
  • Qualified with the AIAS & NZIAS as a Leading Professional Stage 3 Consultant 1996.
  • NZGSTA Vegetable Sector Chairman 1996 – 2002.
  • Career covering 40 years of primary industry involvement including but not limited to:
    • Vegetable seed production from planting to sale; 4 years.
    • Practical crop management in agricultural and horticultural crops; 10 years.
    • Agriculture NZ Consultant; 4 years:
      • RMA land subdivision and utilisation implementations.
      • Legal expert witness.
      • General crop consultancy.
    • Company Manager for importing vegetable seed companies; 20 years:
      • Product Development, sales, specialised agronomy advice.
      • Procedural and IHS requirements for the import and export of seed.
      • Company management and corporate compliance responsibilities.
      • Conflict resolution.